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.... And now let’s get the motorbike and go! The road stretches out in front, below and behind us. The strong cool dry wind pushes us on and then, rouding the bend, it hits us, slowig down our course. Immediately you are part of that picture postcard scenery, you are a "character" … a Mediaeval knight, a fanciful mechanic of the road, a happy child, captain of your "dry-land vessel" … you are part of that picture. All because motorcycling is about gaining freedom. It means going where others cannot go, either they don’t have the means, or the courage or have even thought about it. Because motorcycling is a lifestyle that stays with you even when you are nor dressed in your riding suit nor wearing your helmet. The motorbike itself is already a holiday, already recreation. It is going off, alone or whit others, looking for new worlds to discover from the inside,which win you over bend after bend, cross-road after cross-road. Stop after stop comes the consolation and the joy or wonder of the arrival. You talk to your motorbike. It is a living home, a mass of iron, plastic and rubber which shares the effort and wonder of the journey with you. You dedicate a lot of time to your motorbike; some even say too much but that has to be the case. Because the ritual of cleaning, lubrication of the chain, checking tyre pressure, oil, water in the battery and the luggage cords are not only vital safety measures but also fun which you would not think of giving up. They are the same gestures repeated and studies by the fisherman who prepares his line and the sailor who hurries to hoist the sail; the motorbike is stationary but in reality we are already on the road!

"The real motorbike you’re working on is the one called yourselves"
(Robert M. Pirsing)

Where to go? An expert motorcyclist is in reality an expert navigator and road map reader of alternative routes; a true tourist-man who knows what he wants from his holiday. Clean well surfaced roads, possibly whitout too much traffic. Corners of the countryside where you don’t feel out of place, which seem almost made for you; woods and grasslands that run along the side of the asphalt, a fountain when you are thirsty, a place te rest, a mountain to climb slowly and harmoniously bend after bend.

"Roads with little traffic, without roadside cafés and billboards are more pleasurable as well as safer, roads where you can almoust touch the woods, fields and orchards, where children wave and people on their balconies look to see who is coming; and when you stop to ask for information, the answer tends to be longer than necessary rather than shorter and everyone asks you where you are from and how long you have been on the road"
(Robert M. Pirsing)

There isn’t an "ideal" land, country nor region for motorcyclist because it is really the motorbike itself that copes with and makes each land, country and region its own. There is, however, freedom to choose a particular region because it is more welcoming and the people who live and work there are more aware of the special needs of the "knights of the road". Only motorcyclists know what stopping at a guest house, hotel or campsite after a day’s journey and feeling welcomed as a special guest means. Backache, pain in your hands and the cold and damp of a recent rain shower disappear at the sight of a smile and the assurance that your motorbike will be well looked after; finding people who speak the same language, share your own plans of freedom, can tell you where the nearest garage is and if at all possible, lend you the correct tool and dirty their hands with you while cleaning the carburettor. Motorcycling holidays; offbeat ways to enjoy your freedom. This is the double opportunity which in Trentino you cannot afford to miss.

"…… immediately before down and immediately after sunset – short instances neither day nor night – the old roads give back a little of the sky’s colour, thus taking on an orange tinged with blue. It’s the time when the blue roads are intensely fascinating and they are open, inviting and mysterious; a space where man can lose himself."
(William Leas Heat-Moon, "Strade blu")

This Hotels, aware of motorcyclists’ special needs: in practice, this consists of hotels and hospitality which is able to provide special services for motorcyclist:

garaging facilities for motorbikes

tourist information and maps of Trentino on display inside the hotels, guest houses and at campsites

fax and Internet facilities (chargeable)

staff available who can give tourist information (description of the place, the whereabouts of basic services useful to the guest and information about road conditions, weather, vehicle assistance and services for the person and the motorbike)

the possibility to book the hotel, guest house or camp site for the next stage of the journey by telephone and Internet (chargeable)


Alta Valsugana, Levico e Caldonazzo
Alto Garda e le sue Valli
Altipiani di Folgaria, Lavarone e Luserna
Valli Giudicarie e Terme di Comano
Altopiano della Paganella
Altopiano di Pinè e Val di Cembra
Valli del Primiero e Vanoi


In other words, people who are "motorbike friends", who know how to talk to motorcyclist, and understand how different motorcycling holidays are from other types of holidays and just how much they need family hospitality. Furthermore, the "MOTORCYCLING HOLIDAYS" project is not only hospitality but also the proud opportunity to show our motorcyclist friends "who come from outside" the most beatiful corners of Trentino. That is why a road-book has been compiled, offering three long itineraries to discover our territory and the possibility to travel on "alternative roads" or secondary routing which have the privilege of being used by light traffic and taking you directly and safely to the foot of a Renaissance castle, the shores of a lake, and the entrance to a natural park at the base of the most beatiful Dolomite summits.
Three routes not to "curb" your desire for freedom but designed so you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the most enthralling views in perspective, the most isolated valleys and the oldest villages which are locked in time. And then in the morning, helmet on and seated in the saddle ready for departure, the final goodby from the owner will not seem only his duty; it will really be the desire to see you come back again on your shining two-wheeler.

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